The Library at Oak Run
~ the best little library in Florida ~


Book Sale: Hardbacks/DVDs = 2/$1, paperbacks = 10¢, also available - audio CDs.
Join us on Saturday, October 13, from 8:00AM to 9:30AM, in the Orchid Club.

Movie Night: Saturday, October 27, 7:00PM, Orchid Club, featuring "Oceans 8"

FYI: The Friends of the Library (FOL) are starting to make plans for their annual raffle. This year we are going to
try something new – a Chinese Auction, with theme baskets (bags, containers, etc). The baskets should be filled
with new or lightly used items and should be in the $20-$25 range. Several ideas for baskets are: lottery tickets,
gift cards, movie tickets, wine and cheese, Christmas items, home baked goods, chocolate, bingo items, golf, etc.

We would encourage 2 or 3 people go together to create a basket. Tickets for the raffle are $5 for 25
tickets. Tickets are then dropped in a container in front of each basket you would like to win. If you
don’t want to do a basket on your own and would still like to donate something, feel free to do so.

Any questions should be directed to Debbie Jacobs (352-414-4297) or Sandi White (352-789-7049).

Attention: The Library is in need of new volunteers to join our group of librarians. Training is provided
and shifts are 2-3 hours long. We are a great group of folks and have much fun together. Please drop
by the library for more information and chat with our librarians regarding their library experience.

About the Library

The Library is operated independently and is not an ORHA organization and receives no funding from ORHA or Oak Run Associates, Ltd.

The Oak Run Library is the best retirement community private library in the area. Your FREE library card entitles you to borrow books, music CD's, puzzles, newly released DVD movies (at a small fee per day) and a large selection of two week DVD's. Get your card today!

The Oak Run Library is managed by the Friends of the Library Board. Its operation depends upon your support of the monthly Saturday Night at the Movies, the Book Sales during the Donut Drop-Ins, and on fees for newly released DVD movies.

The Library is run entirely by volunteers. Both men and women may volunteer to be librarians for two or three hours every other week. New volunteers start as substitutes. Sign up in the Library.

Library Cards

Library membership cards are free to all Oak Run residents. Replacement of mutilated or broken cards is also free. Replacement of a lost card is $1.
Library Issues

Present any Library issues to the Friends of the Library Board. Please contact Chris Perrelli at 291-2050 or Peg Edwards at 274-9640.